Let Go of Dis-Ease

Is there anyone in your life who complains of physical ailments?  If so, maybe it’s time to NOT engage in that kind of conversation with them anymore.  I just read an article that says that what we profess tends to manifest itself if done on a consistent basis.  I truly believe that.  I think we could literally talk ourselves into being sick.

I am exposed to that kind of conversation quite often with my mother.  I love my mother.  It’s just that when we talk from now on, I believe I’ll simply try and point out what’s good in her life when she starts to spew the negativity.  My goal is to hold her in the highest light, picturing her as being perfectly healthy – physically and emotionally.  This will take some effort on my part but it’s worth it.

When I was processing this picture a few months ago, I was thinking of her.



Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

2 thoughts on “Let Go of Dis-Ease”

  1. This will be really good for you and your mother. My grandma has ALS and she also had breast cancer. She was given 3 years at most to live… that was 5 years ago and she is still pulling through. From the beginning she didn’t want people talking about how sick she was. She has been putting on walks and all sorts of ALS support programs. She’s going “Skydiving for ALS” for the second time this Spring break. Optimism and faith has been a huge part of this. I wish you the best of luck with your mother!


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