Looking Good; Feeling Good

Many people have made a comment on my skin lately.  Actually I’ve received six compliments on my skin in the past few weeks.  As a woman past 60, it sure makes me feel good!

But the reason I say this is that I started using a coconut oil moisturizer on my skin and then apply a tinted moisturize on top of that.  I use Aveeno but there are others in lots of price ranges.  Aveeno is about $15 for their tinted version.  It looks good and feels good.  I was using the Philosophy brand but it’s about twice the price.

Living in the desert has taught me (at my age) that any “make-up” just sits in my wrinkles and it looks awful.  I don’t care who makes it or how much it costs; it’s all the same when it comes to wrinkles.

So I started exploring what to do.  My search led me to actively applying the coconut oil that I cook with to my face as an overnight moisturizer.  To some I’m sure it sounds crazy, but it sure works; just make sure not to use too much.  If you do, you can always blot some off.

The company where I buy my coconut oil is Tropical Traditions and they are simply a marvelous company.  Their products are top-notch and their customer service is outstanding.  Plus they give some great coupons for lots of their products.

Recently I found that they have coconut oil based moisturizers in lotion and in cream formulas.  I got both and I am so hooked.  And I love the fact that I don’t have to wear foundation anymore.

The other thing I like to do is start my day with positive messages.  Here’s one of the sources I use:  Enlightened Messages.  They also have some pretty cool meditation downloads.  Personally I do my best at meditation when it’s a guided one.  Theirs are superb!


Author: Regina

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