Five Photography Tips for Everyday People

Anyone who can operate a simple digital camera is capable of taking wonderful pictures. Photography doesn’t have to be done by a professional to be considered great.

Step One: Find a spot with multiple sources of shade and natural lighting, such as a grove of trees or even buildings. Trees make a great backdrop for any picture of people. The color green, whether in the trees or grass, seems to fit any mood or scene.

Step Two: Always try to take pictures spontaneously as opposed to having people pose. I’ve found that it’s easier to get people to have a natural smile if you’re having a conversation with them as you’re snapping your photos. For example, what if you asked them to name their favorite dessert or their favorite funny movie. Both of those ideas will automatically bring a natural smile to someone’s face. My other favorite is to ask “what do you love the most about your sweetheart?” or “grandchildren” or “child.” You get the idea. Start a conversation.

Step Three: If you’re just beginning to start your photography, get into practice by taking lots of candid shots. With a digital camera, there is absolutely no excuse for not taking tons of pictures. Challenge yourself to take one new picture a day. It doesn’t matter what it is; just do it. Lots of candid shots!

Step Four: Most of the point and shoot digital cameras these days have many settings to assist you in getting just the right shot. Take a look at your camera’s manual to see all the things you can accomplish using the various settings and then practice with each one. I got a prize-winning photo with my Epson Point and Shoot of a flower that blooms only at night. I used the camera’s macro flower setting and it was just gorgeous. So find out what your camera’s settings will do and then become very familiar with them.

Step Five: Only your mind can block your creativity. The other day I was chopping the end off of a bunch of celery and the bottom looked like a flower so I took a picture of it. Then I posted it on my blog and Facebook and asked people to guess what it was. Amazing the answers that came in; everything from a desert cactus to a crocheted slipper. Huh? Only the people who cook guessed it right.

Remember not to analyze too much. Just let your natural talent flow. The point is to allow your mind to play, and have fun with pictures by enjoying yourself and others will enjoy your photos, too.

Now that you’ve read the photography tips in this post, I trust that you will feel more confident in taking more pictures.


Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

One thought on “Five Photography Tips for Everyday People”

  1. This is great! I finally bought a nice canon over the summer because I love photography but I haven’t used it much because it isn’t easy to just carry around. But you’re right, I need to just get it out everyday and walk around and find a picture. Thanks for the tips!


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