Photog Dude

There’s a shopping center where I live that has the coolest sculptures, all made from sheet metal. Every now and then I go visit my favorite one, whom I have nicknamed “Photog Dude.”  What else could I call him? I mean, really, he’s all duded up in a hat and bow tie and never takes that camera down from his face.  I just love “Photog Dude.”

My husband took this particular photo last Sunday and I applied a couple of edits. Kudos to him – a great angle for this shot.

More photos of this guy can be found at my gallery.

"Photog Dude" © Regina Arnold




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  1. DNatica says:

    This is a fabulous photo, and the edits, too! I’d love to see all these sculptures.


  2. Thanks!!! When I get the chance and the light is right, I think I will photograph the other ones. One is a giant grocery cart with a metal lady pushing it.


  3. This photo is shows that the centered, straight, and squared method isn’t for every case. I am guilty of that too often… squaring a photo and not utilizing any angles. This is a great composistion.


    1. I agree … almost everyone gets into the habit of centering their subject in an image. I say change it up!!! Thanks for your comment.


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