Woody’s Hotel

Through the Roof

Because of the lack of rain and humidity here in the winter months, it makes for a really vivid blue sky.  Today is no exception … cloudless, brilliant blue.  Sitting at a stoplight with the sunroof open, I noticed just how beautiful it really is.  Funny what we take for granted about the place we live. Oh, I should probably mention it was 74 degrees.  Lovely!  It’s a no-brainer why lots of people visit here in the winter months.

I love many things about Arizona.  High on my list is the saguaro cactus … the sentinel of the desert.  Each arm takes between 40 and 50 years to sprout from the base, so when you see these giant saguaros, it makes you realize just how long they’ve been here, providing a home for the woodpeckers and other birds indigenous to southern Arizona.

The saguaro in our back yard has 10 arms (approx. 400-500 years old) and I have dubbed it “Woody’s Hotel.”  It houses several woodpecker nests every spring and when the babies hatch, there’s a lot of squeaking coming from those holes.  It’s pretty cool.  So far all of them have flown away successfully.  I’m grateful for that.

Woody's Hotel


One Comment

  1. Your blogs are so interesting I look forward every day to read them. I never knew woodpeckers would nest in a cactus. Its fun learning all those facts. I really think you should be a writer you really have a knack for it. And by the way thanks for the book and I love you a gazillion mllion billion tooooooo.
    Hugs Linda


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