Biosphere 2

Some of the Biosphere 2 Buildings

The Biosphere 2 is located just north of us in Oracle, AZ.  After living here for 16 years, we decided it would be a grand adventure to finally take the tour of this remarkable project, which is now owned by the University of Arizona.

Apparently this project started back in the 80’s and for two years, several people lived inside the Biosphere conducting experiments.  Many thought it was a failure but not according to the folks who lived it.

Check out the three-minute video tour.  As you can see, it was a bit cloudy today, so my photos don’t even come close to what it really looks like.

One of the parts we were in that simulates a rain forest was so humid that my camera lens fogged up and I couldn’t take any pictures until we moved on to the next module, which was the savannah.

Very interesting place.  Thank God for scientists and what they discover for the sake of humanity.


Author: Regina

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