Caught on Camera

This might sound kind of bizarre to some of my readers, but I have to tell it like it is.  On my way to lunch today, I noticed some really cool cloud formations and thought, “Nice!  Would be good for today’s blog post.”

Now here’s the bizarre part … I took only two photos and didn’t see anything unusual through the viewfinder.

In Photo #1 there is some kind of orb directly above the middle cloud.  It’s not there in Photo #2, which I took just seconds after the first one. All I did was move to the right a bit when I shot #2. Neither of these photos have been altered.  Could it be that it was a UFO that I just couldn’t see with the naked eye?
















I happen to believe that we have been visited (and still are) by our space brethren for a long time and also believe that we would have to be pretty egotistical to think that we’re the only ones alive in this universe. Many are saying that 2012 is the year of full disclosure.  It raises questions for some but I say … Let’s get this party started!

Let me know what you think.  I welcome your comments.













Author: Regina

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