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Old Sacramento - Jan. '05

I decided to take a photo out of my archives for today’s post. Something about this picture just takes me back in time, though I took it on a busy street in Old Sacramento.  When I look at it, it doesn’t take much for me to imagine living back in the day when horse-drawn carriages were the mode of transportation.

I was with my daughter and grandchildren that cold day in January … seven years ago.  Wow!  It seems like yesterday.  I was behaving like such a tourist and we had such a good time even though the January wind was blowing off the Sacramento River.  I remember we tried to stay out in the sun as much as possible.  (That is, when we weren’t inside finding some hot chocolate or something good to eat).

Over the years I’ve applied several different special effects to this photograph.  This is the first time I’ve used a cartoon effect and I think it really emphasizes the long winter afternoon shadows. This is one of the last photographs I shot with my Canon film camera.  I much prefer my DSLR now.

Have a great rest of your weekend.  Namaste.



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