Glad to Be Back

As most of you know, yesterday the Regina Chronicles was blacked out (voluntarily) in protest of the SOPA bill being pushed through the Senate that could censor the internet.  I oppose that from the heart of me and I did email those who can vote it down.  And this is all because the entertainment industry might lose some revenue.  Ha!  OK, I’ll NOT get on my soap box about this.  Enough said.

It’s definitely nice to be back blogging again, with my picture a day challenge and I don’t want to get behind but yesterday was important to send a message. Wait! I said I wasn’t going to say any more about it.  I lied.

©images by regina

Had a great day today.  Lots of beautiful sunshine, baby blue sky and desert … lots of desert.  You could almost mix up the word desert with dessert.  Some days I’d sure prefer a nice dessert instead of the desert but then I look around the country and do my happy dance when I realize I don’t have to shovel snow, fall on the ice, or scrape frost off the windshield of the car.

So I’ll take the desert.  But wait!  I sure miss the ocean.  Oh well, that will come later … sooner than later.

Today’s picture is one of a saguaro that can’t make up its mind which way the arms should go.  Kind of like me when I first get up in the morning.  Some days I could really use this many arms 🙂

As always, click on the picture to see it larger.



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