Diva Daisy

This is Daisy, the Diva.  Why do we call her a diva?  Well, it could be because she wants ALL the attention.  If one of us (me or my husband) is giving attention to Foxy, that just won’t do in Daisy’s eyes.  When visitors come, she looks up at them and barks, like “Hey, look at me!”  But we’re OK with all of it.

Daisy at the Shelter

Every dog has it’s own personality and Daisy is no exception.  We adopted her about 3 1/2 years ago from a local shelter.  As I walked her that first time, she was absolutely perfect.  Walked right next to me and was such a little lady.  She had been a stray and was extremely emaciated.  I could feel the bones along her spine, but frankly, that’s not what made us choose her over the other dogs.  It was the way she cocked her head when I talked to her.  The staff at the shelter had named her Pretty Girl and said she took to her name right away. (Even though she is a very pretty girl, we decided to give her a new name).

The first night at home with us, Daisy and I spent the night on the floor together, separated from Foxy because the shelter said she had kennel cough.  Of course, they didn’t tell us that until the morning we picked her up and it’s very contagious for other dogs.  Ugh!  We decided to take our chances and introduced her to Foxy the next day.  It turns out that there was no kennel cough and they have been buddies ever since that day.

Daisy is very smart.  We’re not sure what her mix is but we know that she’s part Border Collie.  She has that herding instinct but, unlike some other herding breeds, does not nip at one’s heels, which is great.  When she’s running, she’s all business.  It’s so fun to let our dogs run alongside our “old workhorse” golf cart.  We live in an area that’s sparsely populated, so it’s easy to do and they both just love it.  We don’t get much exercise, but they sure do.

Daisy is our fourth rescue and most likely our last.  We’ve decided it’s just too heartbreaking to go through the letting go process when we lose one to illness. Why can’t dogs live as long as we do?

For now, we’re just enjoying being their humans.  They have us well-trained 🙂  Namaste.

A Much Healthier Daisy the Diva



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