Drop Your Pants Here


When we lived in Ventura, CA (sure miss that place), we were always going to the local craft fairs down by the beach.  Sure miss that place.  Did I say that already?

I remember specifically buying this sign on a beautiful, sunny, warm day and it has traveled with us to each place we’ve lived since then.  No matter where the laundry room is, DROP YOUR PANTS HERE hangs over it and has continued to be quite a conversation piece.

Fortunately, no one has taken the message literally. Ok, guess I’d better get back to that laundry, because as we all know, it doesn’t get done by itself.

Why doesn’t someone invent a machine that will wash, dry, fold and/or iron the clothes, then put them away?  Maybe it has been invented . . . Robo-Maid.  Where is she when I need her?

As always, click the image to view it larger.



Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

3 thoughts on “Drop Your Pants Here”

  1. it is deffineatly, a confersation piece. I guess this would also mean women.
    You wouldn’t want to dicriminate. It could be a lot of fun, if your not into fun,
    just do your laundry. Remember you always have a choice. Today at South
    Point , it was Diva Day, they have onc a year. We got there at 9:00 they had
    let 500 people in. And we had to wait in a line over an hour, at least. When
    we walked in, they put a big bowa on us. They had hundreds of booth set up,
    for anything women want. for there bodies, are hair etc. Five of us went , and
    aftr an hour I had Leo pick me up. It was way out of my confort zone, but
    I did go with an open mind. There realy wasnn’t anthing I needed. I do have
    to admit it was fun. It was a nice break.


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