The Beach House


This is a picture of the sign on our patio. The Beach House … a place where we want to retire someday.  We already have a vision board about it.  If you aren’t familiar with a vision board, it’s a place where you put pictures or photos or drawings (whatever works for you) of the things you would like to experience in your life.  Some call it a bucket list.  I have one of those, too, but this is different. My vision board is a piece of poster board with pictures of various items, like the beach house.  And just for good measure, I put the sign up.  I look at it every day and imagine being in the beach house, looking out the window at the ocean, sipping my coffee and witnessing another spectacular sunrise.

The beach house is a place that provides complimentary sunsets and ocean views.  It’s a place where I can feel the sand between my toes and build a sand castle if I want to.  It’s a place where our dogs can run on the beach, chase sandpipers, or dig a hole to cool off the belly when they need to.  It’s a place where the grandkids can come and stay as long as they like and spend the day surfing, skim boarding, swimming, clamming, or whatever else they want to do.  It’s a place that’s the epitome of relaxation, closing my eyes and meditating while listening to the waves lap the shore.

It doesn’t matter to me which ocean, but I would prefer warm water.  Do you hear me, Universe?  Hint. Hint. Life is good; dreams are free.



Diva Daisy

This is Daisy, the Diva.  Why do we call her a diva?  Well, it could be because she wants ALL the attention.  If one of us (me or my husband) is giving attention to Foxy, that just won’t do in Daisy’s eyes.  When visitors come, she looks up at them and barks, like “Hey, look at me!”  But we’re OK with all of it.

Daisy at the Shelter

Every dog has it’s own personality and Daisy is no exception.  We adopted her about 3 1/2 years ago from a local shelter.  As I walked her that first time, she was absolutely perfect.  Walked right next to me and was such a little lady.  She had been a stray and was extremely emaciated.  I could feel the bones along her spine, but frankly, that’s not what made us choose her over the other dogs.  It was the way she cocked her head when I talked to her.  The staff at the shelter had named her Pretty Girl and said she took to her name right away. (Even though she is a very pretty girl, we decided to give her a new name).

The first night at home with us, Daisy and I spent the night on the floor together, separated from Foxy because the shelter said she had kennel cough.  Of course, they didn’t tell us that until the morning we picked her up and it’s very contagious for other dogs.  Ugh!  We decided to take our chances and introduced her to Foxy the next day.  It turns out that there was no kennel cough and they have been buddies ever since that day.

Daisy is very smart.  We’re not sure what her mix is but we know that she’s part Border Collie.  She has that herding instinct but, unlike some other herding breeds, does not nip at one’s heels, which is great.  When she’s running, she’s all business.  It’s so fun to let our dogs run alongside our “old workhorse” golf cart.  We live in an area that’s sparsely populated, so it’s easy to do and they both just love it.  We don’t get much exercise, but they sure do.

Daisy is our fourth rescue and most likely our last.  We’ve decided it’s just too heartbreaking to go through the letting go process when we lose one to illness. Why can’t dogs live as long as we do?

For now, we’re just enjoying being their humans.  They have us well-trained 🙂  Namaste.

A Much Healthier Daisy the Diva




When you’re searching for the photograph of the day, why not just look in your own back yard?  Here’s a shot of our canine cutie, Foxy.  We adopted her from a local shelter when she was five months old. That was six years ago and we have never regretted it.  Well, we might have for just a minute when she ate a hole in the living room sofa and tore off the head of a stuffed white tiger.  Uh, yeah, that’s when we decided to crate-train her.  Whew!  Best thing we ever did.  It got to the point where she was the star pupil of her obedience training class and began to love her crate.  It was her “safe place.”   I’ve always said that if you’re going to have a pet, take the time and cultivate the patience to take good care of it.  We love our canine companions and that love is returned unconditionally.  Unlike the kids, I’ve never heard any of our dogs say, “Oh, Mom, you don’t know anything!”


When people ask us what mix she is, we always say “the back half is Golden Retriever; the front half is somethin’ and somethin’ else.”  Actually, our vet thinks she’s a mix of Shiba Inu and Golden.  Oh, did I mention he’s afraid of her?  Ha!  Each time we go there, he immediately gives her a treat.  Wants to be her buddy 🙂  It works.

Oh, and did I also mention that Dog is God spelled backward?  Hmmm . . .

Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to our other canine cutie.  Stay tuned.  As always, you can click the image to make it larger.



Bragging Rights

OK, most of the time I’m bragging about how nice the weather is here in southern Arizona in the winter.  A lot of us Arizonans do that; we’re probably over the top about it.  You can’t help but overhear  folks around here on the phone with their friends and relatives in colder climates.  Everybody over the age of 10 has a cell phone these days so you get to know what they’re talking about if you’re within a few feet of them.  But I digress.

Back to those bragging rights.  I heard someone in the grocery store the other day say “It’s 70 here today and not a cloud in the sky.”  Don’t know who they were talking to (obviously) but whoever it was probably was thinking, “So what!”  I think they might be getting sick of us bragging about our weather.  Maybe we’d better cool it and just send pictures of our 7-day forecast with nothing but suns for the whole week. I wonder if the Floridians are braggers, too.

Whenever I’m talking to someone in other locales, I somehow always manage to slip in, “You probably don’t want to know how nice it is here today, do you?”  OK, enough!  I’m trying to make my fingers stop typing about this 🙂

©images by regina

Today is a little different with a storm pushing down on us from the Northwest.  We’ll be happy to take some of those clouds and rain.  You guys have probably had enough up there.

I put a little different spin on today’s photo, using a cartoon effect.  Namaste.

Keep Calm and Smell a Rose

There seems to be a lot of “stuff” coming up for people these days.  I’m hearing more and more accounts of feelings, vibes, emotions, whatever we want to call them that are surfacing now. Is this an effort to discard any old baggage we might be carrying around with us?  Maybe from past incarnations? Maybe from this one? Are we getting signs from our Creator that this needs to happen … like NOW?

Whatever it is, it seems as though we are being urged by a powerful life force to let go of the old junk that’s renting space in our minds, hearts and souls.  We are one.  That I’m sure of.  What we give out is what we get back.  It may not happen immediately, but eventually it does.  I’m experiencing this in my own life and I wrote of it in a previous post about loading my boomerang.  I can make a conscious decision to load it with love and light or with something not quite so positive, like revenge, anger, hurt, guilt, etc.  I believe more and more of us humans are here to make more conscious choices now.  Rather than do things, think things, say things or feel things out of old hurtful habits, we can choose to see any situation differently and react (or not) from a different place. I’m one who often has to remind myself that, in any given situation, I can choose to slow down and think about how I want to respond instead of an instantaneous reaction.  We can’t take our words back; they either hurt or they heal.  When we come from a place of separation (our ego), we have the power to hurt.  When we come from a place of unity (our heart), we have the power to heal. It’s that simple. It’s the learning to live from your heart that’s the hard part.  But we’d better start sooner than later.

©images by regina

Life unfolds like a flower.  We are transitioning into a new dimension; a paradigm shift.  We are awakening. We are not victims; we are the lightworkers. Some say that we had a pre-birth agreement to incarnate at this time, to be part of the transition in unison with our beloved planet – the jewel of the Universe – to accompany her to a new level of being, in harmony with all that is.  Some say we stood in line to get this chance. Kind of like American Idol.  Well, maybe that’s not the right analogy 🙂

What courageous souls we are to be living in this time of duality – the dark in contrast with the light – when we have a myriad of choices and are part of this – the awakening of all of humanity.  Hold on to your hats; it’s going to be such a fun ride!

When I look at a flower, I see life, hope, beauty, kindness, birth, freedom … all the good things in life. Keep calm and smell the flowers. Give yourself a bouquet today.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ~ Maria Robinson


Glad to Be Back

As most of you know, yesterday the Regina Chronicles was blacked out (voluntarily) in protest of the SOPA bill being pushed through the Senate that could censor the internet.  I oppose that from the heart of me and I did email those who can vote it down.  And this is all because the entertainment industry might lose some revenue.  Ha!  OK, I’ll NOT get on my soap box about this.  Enough said.

It’s definitely nice to be back blogging again, with my picture a day challenge and I don’t want to get behind but yesterday was important to send a message. Wait! I said I wasn’t going to say any more about it.  I lied.

©images by regina

Had a great day today.  Lots of beautiful sunshine, baby blue sky and desert … lots of desert.  You could almost mix up the word desert with dessert.  Some days I’d sure prefer a nice dessert instead of the desert but then I look around the country and do my happy dance when I realize I don’t have to shovel snow, fall on the ice, or scrape frost off the windshield of the car.

So I’ll take the desert.  But wait!  I sure miss the ocean.  Oh well, that will come later … sooner than later.

Today’s picture is one of a saguaro that can’t make up its mind which way the arms should go.  Kind of like me when I first get up in the morning.  Some days I could really use this many arms 🙂

As always, click on the picture to see it larger.


The Road Not Taken

I’ve always wondered where this road leads to and one day I’m going to drive up to the top and find out what’s on the other side.  Maybe the poet, Robert Frost, saw something similar to this which inspired his famous poem, THE ROAD NOT TAKEN

The Road Not Taken

How many times have we been offered a choice in our lives to take one path or another?  I can’t even count them, but make choices we must … every day.  Ah, yes, the God-given gift of free will; the gift of freedom.

Sadly, in my years so far on this journey, I have met many people who are afraid of making the wrong choice so they don’t make any or they take forever to decide.  That’s OK under certain circumstances but it can also be paralyzing.  Living in fear of taking the wrong road is paralysis by analysis.  Ugh!  We’ve all done it at times, but with the new energies wrapping around us in this year of paradigm shifts, let’s make the best of our lives.  Choose!

Oh, and if you’re worried that you might make the “wrong” choice, you get the opportunity to learn something.  And if people judge you for it, is it really any of your business what they think of you?

Let’s be grateful that we have choices to make.  How frustrated we would be if we didn’t. Namaste.

(As always, you can choose to click on the photo to make it larger).  To choose or not to choose 🙂