New Life

A year ago we had a very hard freeze here in the desert.  It got down to 15 degrees, which for us, is a record-breaker.  I’m hoping this February won’t bring those cold temps.  It hasn’t so far and I’m grateful for that.  So many of our hardy outdoor plants and cactus didn’t make it. This one usually blooms the most beautiful flowers but not this year.  At least it has new life and growth coming in.  Such a contrast to the parts that the freeze devastated.  I shot this one this morning.  The bottom photo is from an earlier time when we had blooms.

Such a Contrast


This is one of the flowers from the same plant (above) that bloomed year before last.  These flowers open fully at night – and only last for a short time the next morning before they close up and fall off the stalk.  I had to get out early to shoot this picture. Amazing what can be born from such a prickly plant.  Thank God for new life.  Namaste.

Night Bloomer



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