Let Me At ‘Em!

If they would just let me out there ....

Our dog, Foxy, loves to look out the front window, hoping to catch a glimpse of “Jack” and “Jill.”  Jack and Jill are jack rabbits with ears the size of Texas.  They sit out in the desert in front of our house and if she sees them, she starts her whining and moaning as if to say, “let me at ’em!”  Would she kill them if she actually caught one?  I would like to think she wouldn’t but a cottontail happened into our yard at the old house and she did kill it.  It was so sad to see that happen, but I must remember that she has canine instincts and dogs, after all, are descendants of the wolf family.

I love to sit next to her and watch her focus when she sees the rabbits.  It’s quite amazing, really, to watch nature in this way … me watching her watching them.  Once the rabbits have scampered out of sight, she turns back into our sweet Foxy. It’s like a switch turns off and on in her brain.

When people ask what kind she is, we say, “well, the back half of her has to be Golden Retriever and the front half is ????? … uh,we’re just not sure.”  All we know is, we love her a lot and we believe that . . .

Don't Buy ... Adopt!



Author: Regina

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7 thoughts on “Let Me At ‘Em!”

  1. Aww I know how that goes…Our Aussie gets so bent out of shape every time she sees a cat outside. The one time she got close enough, she just wanted to play with it and clean its face. Lucky for all parties involved that one was. Mutts are some of the best dogs we’ve owned over the years and I wouldn’t trade any of them for their purebred counterparts 🙂


  2. Yesterday, when I was taking Jake for his walk, I saw a rabbit behind
    a bush. He didn’t see it, but he smelled it. He ran around and around
    the bush, and several other ones near by. I found myself saying Jake
    that rabbits, long gone forget it. But he wasn’t going to give it up. all the
    way home he was a different dog, thinking he could still catch it. He
    out sniffed himself, to no avail. So I can relate to your story.


  3. You dog is so cute! I have a black lab, and he loves staring out our front window too. He gets very antsy and upset when he sees cats, rabbits, squirrels, other dogs, or just about anything else! He’s never done anything to another animal, he just wants to play! He’s just a big goof. 🙂


  4. I hate people that buy pedigreed animals. When every shelter is empty then go to a breeder. I guess it’s important to keep the blood lines pure, but isn’t that what Hiltler said?


    1. I agree! We love our mutts and I think every dog and cat that has ever been adopted is a grateful spirit and they come into our lives for a reason. However, after thinking about it, I know lots of really good people who prefer purebreds and give them good homes, too. I think it’s the puppy mill owners that need to be shut down. We got our first Golden Retriever from a backyard breeder. Great people who knew what they were doing. Just my two cents.


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