The Twins – Circa 1944

The Twins - circa 1944

Today’s image is of a photo collage I created for my husband and his twin sister, born twenty minutes apart.  They look like little angels, holding hands and all.

All of the photos were taken around 1944 (we think) and I just added a touch of whimsy by embellishing with hats and a bow-tie as I arranged the photos.  Some of the original images were a bit faded but the twins were pleased with the results.  Click to enlarge if you’d like to see their cute little faces up close.  As for me, I think they’re both still pretty cute 🙂  Love you guys!

(It’s difficult to take a picture of a framed picture without some glare.  Ugh!)




Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

5 thoughts on “The Twins – Circa 1944”

  1. Love this. I was thinking of you. I was pulling photos from the past for my dad. With Alzheimer’s I think doing something like this with photos of good times and people he might remember would be most helpful. Market that!!!


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    Love and Peace


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