Photog Was Framed

Framed Photog

I’m pretty sure you all recognize “Photog” by now if you read my blog.  I decided to frame him and hang him up.  He’s my buddy, you know.  Such an inspiration.  Some call him the Tin Man but to me he’s Photog … the eternal tourist; always taking pictures and seeing life through the lens.

The photo of the photo didn’t come out as well as I wanted, but hey, even “Photog” isn’t perfect. Below is one that I use for my greeting cards.  Another shot of “Photog.”  Look closely at his lens.




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  1. Wes B. says:

    If only Photog was a real person. I would love to interview him. :p

    That’s a really nice frame! I bet it looks even more beautiful up close!


  2. I think the picture turned out great, and I love your choice
    of the frame. I have also enjoyed putting photog, on
    some of my greeting cards. Have a great weekend.


  3. kt11 says:

    Really like that Gina. Again, lovely work.



    1. Thanks, he’s quite the muse 🙂 and I appreciate your comments.


  4. Patti says:

    I think your framed photo is a work of art Gina-you go girl…


  5. tone says:

    He’s amazing! Love how you’ve captured him.


    1. Thanks! I’d like to get him some seasonal costumes but the city won’t let me.


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