Nerd Glasses & a T-Shirt

I barely had time today to come up with a picture.  Had to take Foxy and Daisy to the vet this morning for issues with licking their paws and causing icky blisters (allergies). Then it was off to visit my Mom, take her to do some shopping, then taking her to the nursing home to visit with my stepfather. He’s recuperating from a fall where he broke a rib. They’re both 88 and in poor shape.  God, don’t let me get that old and be in that kind of shape!  Please!

So why is Foxy wearing a t-shirt?  Because the allergies cause her to itch underneath her front legs – kind of like our armpits – and the t-shirt keeps her from causing lesions on her skin when she scratches.  I know; probably more information than you wanted to know, but if you’re a dog person like we are, you get it.  As for the glasses, well, that’s just me having a little fun with post-processing. Foxy is sure a good sport and a very good canine patient with all that we have to do to her.  Daisy is too.  I think we’re pretty blessed.



Author: Regina

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8 thoughts on “Nerd Glasses & a T-Shirt”

  1. My golden retriever used to have to wear a bright red bucket on his head on occasion to keep him from scratching. People used to stare naturally. I always reassured him they were just jealous cause their buckets probably weren’t red. 🙂


  2. People and their fur people. We love them so much and will do anything for them. Did you see the movie The Artist? It was nominated for 10 academy awards and it won five. Best picture was one of them. I saw it last night. It was a brilliant movie in every way, but the real academy award should have gone to the dog that was in almost every scene. I have never seen a dog so well trained in my life. Besides, he was absolutely adorable. Go to the movie you won’t be disappointed.


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