Today’s Note from the Universe

I bought a bouquet of sunflowers, the state flower of Kansas, where I was born. I used a bounce flash to bring out the brightness of the bloom.

Today’s post is one from an email I received this morning.  I don’t know if you’re familiar with Mike Dooley, the founder and author of Notes from the Universe, but I absolutely love what he does.  My husband and I sometimes sit on the patio in the morning having our first cup of coffee and randomly pick a page from the book. Somehow the message seems to always fit our lives.

Here’s the one from today:

If you could take a daily pill that would profoundly speed-up the manifestation of all your dreams, would you take it without fail? I thought so.

What if it was a big, ugly pill that took 5 minutes to dissolve on your tongue, and it tasted like medicine. Would you still do it?  Yes, all of your dreams  …  Thought so.

But what if during those 5 minutes each day you couldn’t watch TV, or talk with friends, or distract yourself in any way from your chore?

Wow, you must really want a (fill in the blank), and all those other awesome life changes!

OK, what if you could skip the pill bit entirely, but instead you had to set aside 5 minutes a day to visualize, in a dark and quiet room, seeing your life unfold as if all your dreams were coming true, and for good measure you had to say or do something, each day, that implied the same?

No, you can’t go back to the pill idea.

The Universe




  1. Gina, when we lived in Oregon, we had a couple of sun flowers in the front yard I couldn’t believe how big they got, they were huge. And they lasted a long time I was surprised. They sure were beautiful.


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