Palm Sunday

In honor of Palm Sunday, I thought I would just do a photo of the palm in our own back yard.  As you can see, it definitely needs a trim.

Side note: several of my subscribers are having trouble viewing some of my pics, which tells me I need to make them smaller.  When you get the email notification, just click on the title of that day’s post to take you right to my blog site.

Happy Palm Sunday.  Be blessed and Namaste.

Under The Back Yard Palm




  1. She does need a hair cut. We had a palm in our back yard, that had to be cut down clear to the stump. The roots were growing side ways, going right under a neighbors wall. The gardeners thought for sure it would crack the wall, so down it went. The only good thing about it is, we have a better view of the mountains. We have many more back there, so it wasn’t that bad. I’m sure all your roots on your palms, have plenty of room to move around.


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