Where Did the Last 15 Years Go? To Memories Like These

I’m breaking the rules of my 366 project today because it’s my grandson’s 15th birthday, and I want to use a specific picture of him in this post.  I took it with my point & shoot camera back in October of 2010.  He was 13.  It’s important to me for several reasons:

  1. From the time he could walk, he would run away from me every time I brought out the camera so it was tough to get good pictures of him.  I had to be very fast on my feet and even faster with the shutter.  It became a game for us.  One day I chased him about a half mile.  (I was younger then and he was definitely worth it).  Now he’s a lot taller than me and I’m sure I couldn’t catch up with his long legs.
  2. When he was only three he came to spend a few days with me and Gramps (without his Mom and Dad) on his first trip away from home.  Every night I would lie down with him and read a story, and when I asked him which one he wanted, it was always the same … Toy Story.  He loved that book so much!  We laughed every night when I said, “Oh, no, not Woody again!”  Then I would read the book and he would fall asleep with his head on my shoulder.
  3. When I took this particular picture, I related the story to him. He smiled, didn’t say a word and posed for me.  What a miracle!
  4. The look in his eyes speaks volumes to me.
  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!  I love you and miss you tons!
My "Woody"


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