I Wasn’t Kidding


When I mentioned yesterday that we were going to heat up, I wasn’t kidding.  Holy Wow!  Revised forecast … still the 90’s but even higher by next weekend.  Ugh!  We’re way behind our usual amount of rain for this time of year.  Is anyone else experiencing warmer than normal right now?

Seven-Day Forecast

Today’s photo is of a Palo Verde tree blooming like crazy.  All of them bloom these tiny yellow flowers through the month of April and since April is normally a windy month for us, soon there will be bright yellow “snow” all over the ground.  Sending light and love to all of those places that are experiencing storms and tornadoes right now.  Be safe.  Namaste’

Palo Verde in bloom

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  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    It got up to 100 where I am… it was so humid too. Love the yellow tree.


    1. 100 already???? Yikes! Stay cool.


      1. Seasonsgirl says:

        Thanks we are trying.


  2. niasunset says:

    Oh dear Regina, these weather changes make me worry… Stay in safe and cool… Blessing and happiness, with my love, nia


    1. Thanks, Nia. It might be time to crank up the old air conditioner this weekend. It always spikes up the power bill so I try to hold off as long as possible. Much love to you.


  3. laz says:

    wow, thats pretty wild!


    1. I don’t do hot very well now that I’m getting older so I have to question what I’m still doing here in the desert Southwest. Duh!


  4. Kay Rolfe says:

    It is supposed to be 80 today and 90 one day next week. Last Friday we had and electrical storm and gobs of rain and it was sooooooo cold. We are way below our normal rain. We need rain!!! And oh by the way climate change is a myth and the earth is flat and evolution is a hoax.


    1. Wow! I heard about the storms you guys had and actually saw some pics of lightning bolts hitting the Bay Bridge. Crazy weather! So you’re saying that Columbus was wrong? Ha! Too funny. We just have to keep laughing or we’ll all go crazy 🙂


  5. Gigi Centaro says:

    The first picture is quite clever. How did you get that so clear off the TV? The bottom picture reminds me of fall back east.


    1. Actually it’s from the KOLD weather alert email that I get every day. Yes, I can imagine how the trees look back east in the fall. Would like to see that in person some day. Thanks for your comments, Gigi.


  6. kt11 says:

    Awesome colors. I like the frames you chose too.


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