Get Your Kicks on Route 66


Having not left the house again today, I went on an inside search for something to photograph.  Lo and behold, in the garage was the Arizona Route 66 sign that we purchased on a road trip to Las Vegas a few years ago.  For those of you not familiar with Route 66, it has quite a colorful history.  Rather than me write about it and not do it justice, click HERE for more.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Arizona joining the union.  Yes, we’re a bunch of rebels … the last state of the lower 48 to join back in 1912.

Thanks so much to all of you who have sent your good wishes for me to feel better.  I think I’ve made the turn today!  Oh, and Daisy finally got a lizard today.  Poor little thing didn’t stand a chance.  She was in the right place at the right time and the lizard wasn’t.  Namaste’


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  1. Kay Rolfe says:

    Glad you are feeling better. The sign is a collectors item….but so are you.


    1. The feeling is mutual, my friend.


  2. zannyro says:

    So glad to hear you’re on the mend! Route 66, now that brings back some memories 🙂


    1. Thanks, Suzanne! I actually got out of the house today.


      1. zannyro says:

        Good! I’m sure the world was glad to see you again!


      2. Thanks, dear one – it sure felt good. I managed to make it through an hour appointment without coughing. What a breakthrough 🙂


      3. zannyro says:

        You really had a nasty one…glad you had a good hour..I hate it when a cough won’t let go!


      4. Me, too, but I’m getting there. You know it’s bad when your husband says “stop that barkin’!” He’s in the hospital now 🙂


      5. Just kidding – we’re both alive and kickin’


  3. Back in 1993 I drove Route 66 from end to end.


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