Bus Stop

Today’s photos came from a bus stop that I passed and had never really noticed before.  It was so interesting once I got closer and really looked at it.  It tells the story of our summer monsoon season, which normally begins in early July.  We get afternoon thunderstorms that sometimes last well into the evening.  Lots of crazy lightning and thunder and torrential rains at times.  By the time the season rolls around, we’re all so excited because June is normally 100 degrees or above every day and we’re praying for rain.  (Note to Self:  Go somewhere cool this summer).

Click images to enlarge.  Namaste’

The blue mosaic tiles show the water flow:

The close-up here is of the “windows” showing the old adobe homes backed up against the mountains:

This one depicts the lightning strikes, the rain, and the stars, including a falling star on the right:


Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

9 thoughts on “Bus Stop”

  1. This is so nice and so interesting dear Regina, what a beautiful design and idea… Thank you, you did a wonderful post. By the way I don’t like hot summer days too… Spring and autumn are fine for me 🙂 With my love, nia


  2. That’s the most beautiful bus stop I have ever seen. Sitting there would not make you feel like a loser waiting for the bus. The last bus I was on was in Honolulu many years ago. I sat between and giant, fat, SMELLY, crazy Hawaiian bag lady who mumbled and farted and a guy who had a mason jar full of body parts. That was the END of my bus days. Sounds like you are feeling much better. Love to the old guy.


    1. Holy Wow! It’s funny the way you describe it, but also sounds like an awful experience in Hawaii. I used to take the city bus when I attended an all girl Catholic high school in CA. It was not fun but the only way to get there with my parents’ work schedule. Some cities do a great job with the buses but I’m grateful I can drive.


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