The Bloom of Evolution

Still not feeling well today so I didn’t know what I was going to photograph until I saw this prickly pear cactus at the side of our house.  They are beginning to bloom in their rich yellows, peaches and hot pinks now.  I was lucky enough to find this one in peach that shows the evolution of the blooms.  The Universe is so obliging.  I have to admit that doing this 366 project has made me more aware of so many things that I used to take for granted and for that I am so grateful.

Enjoy!  Namaste’



She’s Not a Canon …

Today’s photo is of my Olympus E-420, the camera that I use for most of my 366 project photos.  I don’t think this camera is better than any of the others I’ve had, which include Canon, Pentax and Minolta.  And I don’t think it’s inferior to any of them.  For me, photography is not a profession; some days I’m very passionate about it; other days my muse, Photog, takes a mini-vacation.  I’m simply having fun with the creative side of my “self.”  The side of me that, until now, I have hardly explored.  I don’t really worry about the technical aspects of a photograph any more.  I paid a lot more attention to that when I was shooting film years ago.

It’s my belief that we all have our own reasons for doing what we do.  Mine are two-fold:  to bring joy to myself and to bring joy to my readers through my photographs and stringing words together to describe them.  Thank you for being part of my world and part of my 366 project.  Oh, and Happy Birthday to my brother, Mike, who would have been 68 today.  And Happy Earth Day to Gaia!  What if we all just lit one candle today and wished her love?  I think it would raise the vibration of our beautiful planet immensely.  Let me know if you do it.  I’m going to.  Namaste’



Some Days There are Shadows

I woke up this morning feeling like a truck hit me.  I realized that I could hardly swallow even before my feet hit the floor.  While letting the dogs out, I noticed the shadow of our giant backyard saguaro and got my camera.  This is about as creative as it gets today.

As it turns out, after a visit to the clinic, I have pharyngitis, but I’m really grateful it’s not Strep.  With some bed rest, plenty of liquids, ibuprofen and some honey, I should be just fine and ready for tomorrow. I just don’t like being sick; it truly annoys me.  I don’t have time for this. Namaste’

Shadow of the Sentinel


Our Morning Guest

Today’s photo is what our dogs were barking at early this morning.  This little guy (or girl) is known as a Gila Monster – one of only two types of lizards that are venomous.  From what I’ve heard about these, if they bite you, they lock their jaws and then shake their head from side to side.  Definitely NOT my idea of a good time, which is why I wasn’t going to get any closer than I did.  Our reptilian friend was backed up against the garage door and I didn’t feel like threatening it.  Not today!!!!  If you want a closer look, click to enlarge.  Namaste’



Dazzle ‘Em with Your Footwork, Daisy

If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went ~ Will Rogers

I just couldn’t resist taking this shot of Daisy trying to convince a lizard to come down out of the tree.  She does her little dance around the tree base and then finally stands up with her two front paws on the tree trunk.  Then she sits down (like when she wants a treat), thinking that if she sits pretty, the lizard might magically run down the tree and into her mouth.  NOT!  But every day she keeps on dancing. I have to give her credit for her tenacity, and her animated personality is so entertaining for us humans.  Good luck, Daisy.  Click the photo to enlarge. Namaste’

Take a Stand

Today’s photo is a stand of saguaros.  It just looked like it needed an “old west” effect.  There’s a place here called Old Tucson Studios, where many old west films were made.  John Wayne spent quite a bit of time there while filming Rio Bravo and McLintock.  Word has it that he admired the saguaro cactus.  (I had such a huge crush on the Duke).  So there you have it, Pilgrim.

Does anybody know how long it takes one of these arms to grow?  Namaste’

It’s About Time … Really!

Today’s photo was taken with my phone while I was shopping.  I can only imagine what the other shoppers were thinking as I was snapping pictures of this clock.  The reason I took it is because I feel that time is speeding up.  And it seems to me that since the beginning of this year, I’m feeling it more and more.  This picture reminds me to be present now.  As a fellow blogger pointed out, Ram Dass said, “What time is it?  NOW.  Where am I?  HERE.”  (Thanks, KT – it was such a needed reminder for me.)

What do you think?  I’d love to hear from you on this subject.  Please tell me I’m NOT the only one who is feeling this way.  Namaste’