Close, Closer, Closest

Today’s images are close, closer and closest shots of some blooms that I’ve been wanting to get for some time but there’s always been too much traffic.  Why is it the best shots seem to be on the road?  Today I was lucky; I found a way to make a quick u-turn, pull off onto a side road and then hike up to where the plant is.  Even the cars cooperated 🙂  And yes, I was very careful to watch for rattlesnakes.  I respect their space, believe me!  As for what kind of plant this is, I really have no idea.  If you do, would you let me know?  I’ve Googled it and produced no results.

Click to enlarge.  Namaste’

Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

22 thoughts on “Close, Closer, Closest”

  1. What a creative way to do the “one thing, three ways” idea I’ve seen other photo bloggers try! Great shots!


  2. The first photo kinda looks like some sort of yucca. Our yuccas have that kind of spear leaf formation at the top. I don’t recall them blooming but they are down by the guest house and I don’t see them all the time. Just an uneducated guess. Pretty photos. Now I’m going to have to google yuccas. Thanks I didn’t have anything else to do today! You never told me why your blog is called 366.


    Blisschick Mellow Starshine


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