Such a Happy Guy

Well, here he is … the guy that sits on the bench (just across the street from the girl with the stop sign from yesterday’s post). I think he’s way too happy about reading that newspaper.  But wait!  Maybe, just maybe he has adopted my mantra:  “There’s good news today.”  Apparently he found some, judging by that big smile on his face.  Good for you, Happy Guy!

There’s Good News Today!

The photo below actually won a contest for me last year.  The photo had to show contrast of some kind, so I asked my WS (wonderful spouse) to pose with Happy Guy.  I titled it FLESH AND BRONZE. The prize was 500 professionally designed business cards and I was very pleased.  Namaste’

Contrast – starring WS and Happy Guy

Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

15 thoughts on “Such a Happy Guy”

  1. Are you in Phoenix? If so, where are these awesome statues? (I’m headed there this Sunday and would love to check them out!)


      1. Oh, that’s right! I probably won’t make it to Tuscon this trip, but when I do, I will get in touch!


  2. Where do yo get the time to get out there and take so many photos? You brighten my days.
    Thank God for you Gina. With hugs…


    1. The time “shows up” I guess because I have such a passion for this. Some days I don’t feel creative at all and then all of a sudden, there’s the image I want to photograph and share with you all. I’m glad to be able to contribute to brightening your days. You’ve done that for me so very often. Can’t wait for our HT Reunion! XOXO


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