Hang It Up

I’ve been wanting to get this picture for a long time but it’s on a road with a lot of traffic and you know me … don’t want to get mowed down by an oncoming vehicle.  What fun would that be?  Besides, I wouldn’t be able to complete my 366 project.  So I waited on a side street until there was a very large gap in traffic, then pulled out, stopped long enough to get the photo through the passenger side window and sped off.  I felt like a thief in the night 🙂  Wow!  It was fun!

Whoever hung these bicycle parts on their fence must want the world to know that their bicycling days are over … or they’re paying homage to an old bike … or whatever else made them create this display.  Maybe they just felt like “hanging it up.”  Namaste’


The Chairs

While visiting my parents today, I walked around the grounds of the facility looking for something to photograph.  The grounds are lush with beautiful plants, flowers and real, living grass, which is rare in southern Arizona.  Mostly we have decorative rock in lieu of lawns in an effort to conserve water in our landscaping.  But maybe they feel that most of the folks that live in assisted living might like to look out their windows and see some green grass.  It really is pretty and reminded me of when I was a kid.  I took my sandals off and just walked through it.  It was so much fun!

But I digress.  Today’s photo is of a row of chairs which I thought were interesting as they were pushed up against the courtyard wall so that they faced the fountain.  I love water features,   so after photographing the empty gallery of chairs, I sat for a while and just watched and listened to the water.  Peaceful moments.  I needed that today. Namaste’

Filled With Glory


What would change in your life if you looked at things as if seeing them for the very first time?  Or what if you looked at them as if it were the last time?  We never know what’s going to happen in the next minute, let alone tomorrow.  Lately I’ve been more aware of my surroundings, the things I see, and wondering why I hadn’t noticed certain things before.  Have they been there all the time and I just didn’t notice?  Or is our planet changing and I’m just noticing THAT now?  I feel like a kid in a candy store.  Really!

Today’s photo was taken as I was heading out this morning.  The cloud caught my eye because it was so intriguing as I faced it head on, driving down the road and it was the only one I could see.  I found myself thinking, “Either pull over and take the picture or keep your eyes on the road.”  As soon as I got to a place I could pull over, this is what I got.  Namaste’

Those Peas Were Kind of Bitter

Once in a while I like to photograph my food and today I had an especially good lunch in a little out-of-the-way Italian place.  Italian food is one of my favorites (aren’t they all?) so I was particularly happy when I found out that’s where we were going.  The menu wasn’t huge and that also made me happy.  I think too many choices just confuses people; especially hungry people.  And did you ever notice that when you have a group around a table, almost everyone asks,”what are you having?”  I finally narrowed it down to two choices:  pasta pomodoro or tilapia.  As you can see, I chose the tilapia, cooked just like veal piccata and served on a bed of fresh spinach, accompanied by fresh pasta in olive oil and garlic.  I could have said no to the freshly grated parmesan cheese but I didn’t.  Not on your life!

Side note: you’ll notice the capers on the tilapia.  Well … when my son got out of the Army, I thought I’d make him a nice, home-cooked meal, so I prepared chicken piccata, complete with capers, etc.  He ate everything on his plate and said, “Mom, I really don’t want to hurt your feelings but those peas were kind of bitter.”  When I explained that they were capers, he laughed a huge belly laugh and told me that it would take him a while to get used to “civilian” food again.  Namaste’

“Civilian” Food



Such a Happy Guy

Well, here he is … the guy that sits on the bench (just across the street from the girl with the stop sign from yesterday’s post). I think he’s way too happy about reading that newspaper.  But wait!  Maybe, just maybe he has adopted my mantra:  “There’s good news today.”  Apparently he found some, judging by that big smile on his face.  Good for you, Happy Guy!

There’s Good News Today!

The photo below actually won a contest for me last year.  The photo had to show contrast of some kind, so I asked my WS (wonderful spouse) to pose with Happy Guy.  I titled it FLESH AND BRONZE. The prize was 500 professionally designed business cards and I was very pleased.  Namaste’

Contrast – starring WS and Happy Guy

Over Her Shoulder

I’ve shot this sculpture before but when I saw the yellow flowers in full bloom I knew I had to just look over her shoulder and do it again.  The second photo is from the front of her.  Not much to look at in the background but it gives you a better perspective of the sculpture.  Namaste’


While cleaning out my cup cabinet this morning, I found one of my treasured possessions.  Why would an old YMCA cup be considered a treasure?  Maybe not to anyone else, but I spent some of my most wonderful life moments in the 70’s working at the YMCA in northern California.  I was the office manager and had the privilege of getting to know so many wonderful people … program directors, volunteers, special needs adults and children, people that got to do community service in lieu of going to jail (sometimes that was a wee bit scary), and the best executive director one could ever hope to report to . We provided “camperships” to low income kids who couldn’t afford to go to summer camp.  We had Y-Indian Maidens, a program for mothers and daughters, and Y-Indian Guides, a program for fathers and sons.  We had Y-Trailblazers for older kids who wanted to explore nature and live the life of a mountaineer for a week.  There were so many excellent programs and everyone pitched in more than 100% to make them the best experience possible.

Our office was a converted 1905 house.  It was a pretty cool place, actually, but with one hitch.  There was only one bathroom and the plumbing was really, really old.  So, with the nine staffers there on a daily basis and many more volunteers coming and going, the inevitable happened.  The toilet broke one day and was no longer usable.  That meant we had to walk across the street to the Lincoln-Mercury dealership and use their facilities.  I’ll spare any and all details of those adventures.  Just picture having to walk through a showroom with several car salesman standing around, knowing exactly why we were there.  It was ugly.

Three months later (don’t ask) we finally had a new toilet.  Everyone was so excited that we all squeezed into that tiny bathroom and raised our glasses of champagne to toast the new china bowl.  I wish now someone had videotaped that.  So here’s my cup of YMCA memories.  I’ll keep it forever.  And whenever I hear that song by the Village People, I smile … really big!  (In case you’re curious, I still know how to do the YMCA dance). Namaste’