Venus Transit and the Color Green

Before I get into today’s post, I just want to thank you, my fellow bloggers and faithful readers, for the time you take to LIKE and comment on my posts.  It feels so good to be part of such a wonderful community of people, many of whom I’ve never met but feel a definite closeness with.    If I don’t get back to you right away, please forgive me.  Sometimes it gets overwhelming and yet I just can’t stop following all of the blogs I do.  They’re all great!!!

Maybe this Venus Transit, which is the energy of love and the balancing of feminine and masculine energies is having more of an impact than we ever imagined 🙂  It’s taking place tonight between 6:00 and sunset my time in Arizona.  Click here for viewing information.  As always, never look directly at the sun.  Use those viewing glasses or do what I’m going to do … watch the coverage of it on the internet after it’s over.

Today I wanted to do something in the color green.  I don’t know why really but I love the color, so finding this shot of the palms felt just right.  I found them at a mall where it’s nice and cool … yeah, baby!

I looked up what green means and here’s what I found:  Green is the color of nature and health. It represents growth, nature, money, fertility and safety. Green is a relaxing color that is easy on the eye and has a healing power to it. It is often used to represent anything having to do with health. Many pharmaceutical and nutritional companies use green in their logos and material to advertise safe natural products. Dark green is commonly associated with the military, money, finance, and banking. However it can also be associated with being new or inexperienced as being green or a “green horn”. Green is becoming a very popular color in design for web sites.  If you have a favorite color and want to see what is symbolizes, here’s the source I used:

I edited this photograph, using a pencil sketch effect, in fotosketcher and am pleased with the effect it produced.  Namaste’ and Happy Venus Transit 🙂



  1. Love, love,love the green!! OH !! A birthday card came in the mail today!
    We are having the birthday girl over for pizza tomorrow night and she will be so thrilled to receive your card! 🙂 You are so great! And SO KIND!! Thank you for brightening her birthday!


    1. My pleasure; so glad you got it. Sorry it’s too late for the celebration. Hope you guys have a great pizza. I think it should be listed as one of the major food groups; that and chocolate, of course 😉


      1. Hahaha! I agree! :),,,you’re actually NOT late…her real birthday is tomorrow…we had her party early, so that out-of-towners could help celebrate….so you’ll make her birthday that much more special tomorrow 🙂


  2. “Deep blues and greens are the colors I choose. Won’t you let me go down in my dreams.” James Taylor. Blue and green are my favorite colors and you are one of my favorite people.


  3. I love green too and this works beautifully with the effect and the sections. I miss the celery green carpet from my old house, very relaxing to live with.


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