Yesterday was Green but Today is Glam-Wow!


When it comes to getting a manicure, I’m right up there with the girly-girls.  I hate doing my own nails.  It’s such a hassle and I’m just not that good at it.  Besides, it’s one of the best ways for a lady to get some pampering and “me” time.

The problem is in the choosing of what color we’ll wear.  Unless it’s a French manicure, you have to choose your color when you walk into the salon, right?  Good luck with that.  I mean really … look at all the choices here.  There’s not just one or two reds or a few mauves or maybe even a few blues, there’s a zillion!  Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. LOL!

It’s funny; the older I get the more I want to try out the new wilder colors.  Maybe next time I’ll go for neon green or hot turquoise blue and then again … maybe not 😉  I used a bit of a cartoon effect on this today just for the fun of it.

Namaste’ and may your choices all be phenomenal!!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Patti says:

    Pik a culler… That’s what I hear when I first walk in. Just have French and make it easy.


    1. Totally true. Today I decided to go for a color. Took me five minutes to finally pick one. Ha!


  2. Gigi Centaro says:

    Now tha’s a fun picture. We need to see the follow up. Take a picture of your nails and show them off.


    1. Great idea! I might do that 😉


  3. great shot and I agree…want to see the result!


  4. Kay Rolfe says:

    Get one that glows in the dark and you won’t need a nightlight when you get up to pee at night.


    1. Yeah! That would be great and when people ask me why my nails glow in the dark, I can share that with them – LOL!


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