While driving, I had to make a u-turn and found myself here. It’s an entrance to a gated community and I thought it was so lovely, so of course I whipped out the camera.  I like how the light was streaming slightly through the tree onto the flowers. Whoever lives behind those gates has a very picturesque pathway to use going to and from home.  I hope all your pathways in life are picture perfect.  Namaste’




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  1. Wow, this is so pretty, it’s amazing what a little thoughtful landscaping can do.


    1. So true! It looks like fairly low maintenance except for the flowers.


  2. zannyro says:

    You’re right! What a beautiful view they have on their daily drive…nice capture!!


  3. Kay Rolfe says:

    My God what a beautiful place and photo. You are lucky you did not get arrested for trespassing.


    1. Ah, yes, the risks that we shutterbugs take – LOL!


  4. so glad you made the u-turn…it’s beautiful!


    1. Sometimes we just know there are no “accidents” 🙂


      1. exactly 😀 x


  5. What a beautiful picture Gina. I absolutely love that shade of blue.


    1. Me, too. When I saw it, I couldn’t believe how pretty the flowers were. Thanks, dear one.


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