Sunday Soul Collage

Today’s photo is a collage of some of my faves.  Having a gazillion (OK, a slight exaggeration) photos on my computer can sometimes lend itself to some creativity, so here’s my Sunday Soul Collage.  Some of these I took long before I started the 366 project.

WS and I went out to dinner and we both blew our new eating plan all to hell.  He had Veal Piccata and I had the Chef’s special pasta, bread & butter, and a fabulous glass of Merlot …. mmm … to die for!  We won’t even talk about dessert; I’m not fessin’ up to that!  But I have to say it was good for the soul.  Back to normal eating plan tomorrow.


Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

20 thoughts on “Sunday Soul Collage”

  1. This sounds like a great evening out, the pudding… details please, I bet it was really decadent, the main sounded grand enough… have to let the pallet take over now and then…


      1. Oh how that makes me feel good that others do it as well, a night out should end with a lovely decadent dessert… and they both sound mouth watering…


  2. Great Collage Gina…
    Diets come & go, but we have to cheat once in a while. We have all been there. I am sticking to my Lemon Water daily and that helps me.


  3. Low carb diets don’t work. My brother goes on one and will lose 20-30 lbs and as soon as he returns to his normal eating habits, he gains it all back. If I don’t figure out how to lose my pregnant gut I’m not going out of the house anymore.


    1. You better go out of the house – life is calling you and you have great gifts to share with the world. If I can get out of the house, so can you. I have to talk to your brother this week. No response from the keeper of the kids, so onward and upward we go.


    1. Diets don’t work, as my friend pointed out to me this morning; I’m just trying to be mindful of what I eat. But WE MUST HAVE CHOCOLATE on occasion, right? Why else would God have invented it – LOL!


  4. all those diets…have done so many in the past,,,after illness I don’t have to anymore thank goodness…but I know it’s hard and you just have to allow yourself to eat ‘the real stuff’ haha… love your compilation of pics!!


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