As you all know, I follow several other blogs and just wanted to share this particular post with all of you. I find it very powerful. I’ll post my photo of the day later.

Project 365 by Kenneth Todd

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Author: Regina

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  1. I love that photo!! My office is off of my garage and I spread bird seed all over the driveway in front of my door. The cottontails come right after daybreak (I am an early riser) There is a blond girl bunny that comes all of the time. Yesterday there were four bunnies. They also come at dusk.

    My birds are very greedy and they feed all day in front of my office door. I love watching my critters. Gee, maybe they are the reason I don’t work as hard as I should. After seeing your photo I put water dish out for them.

    I don’t like people, I like animals.


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