Seven SUV’s and a Pick-Up

Today’s photo came upon me as I was walking back to my car.  I noticed I had parked in a long row of SUV’s and waaaaaaaaay down at the end was one lone pick-up truck.  Had to get a picture of that.  Does anybody have a passenger car anymore?  What do you have?

The second photo is of the storm we had last night, which produced NO RAIN at our house but as you can see in the distance, there was a wall of water dropping  northeast of us. Hope you are all staying cool.  Namaste.



Author: Regina

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7 thoughts on “Seven SUV’s and a Pick-Up”

  1. Wonderful storm picture. The last few days it has been in the 100s here and this morning we had a blessed light rain for about 5 minutes just after dawn. I love the storm clouds and wish it would pour. The guy on TV said maybe an electrical storm later in the mountains. I absorb in an electrical storm. The thunder, the lightening the rain and the energy. I will stand outside with my hands to the skies just like Tom Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption and thank the rain Gods.

    We bought a 2012 Ford Fusion last July. Her name is Phyllis Fusion Ford. When Lenny was in Memphis last summer he went to Graceland and bought her a very tacky key chain with a three D Elvis on it. She loves it. She has 2100 miles on her speedometer. We are a bit reclusive. We venture down the hill into the village a few times a week for supplies and business Mostly we stay on the compound. She has only driven to Ventura a few times.

    Love you lots.


    1. Well, we will look forward to meeting her and seeing you and Lenny hopefully soon. You must take her to Ventura soon so she can feel the sand beneath her treads 🙂 3-D Elvis? Way cool! Tell Lenny good job 🙂

      Love you more!


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