Today is my birthday so I am …

Today is my [–th] birthday so I’m off to have some fun.  It would be nice if I could say I was flying to some exotic island, but alas, not the case this year.  Yet I’m grateful to be alive to celebrate one more birthday.  Rather than me list a litany of what I’m grateful for, just know that I am and that you all are on that list.

One of the gifts I got from WS (Wonderful Spouse) was some very cool and fun-to-use photo editing software.  So of course I used it to enhance my self-portrait for today.  Wouldn’t it be just too cool to be able to use a mouse on my face for real and get rid of wrinkles????  Woo Hoo! LOL!

Namaste’ and stay cool – wherever you are.



Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

26 thoughts on “Today is my birthday so I am …”

  1. Happy birthday darlin’! Hope you have a great day. It’s your day. Do things for yourself and have everyone worship you and then tell everybody oops, it’s next week and start all over. Love to the old guy and make him wait on you hand and foot!


    1. Thanks, dear friend. He’s been really good. I haven’t cooked a darn thing all day and that’s the way I like it. You know me … my idea of a wonderful kitchen is a wall full of vending machines – LOL!


    1. Thanks, Laz! I really don’t mind cooking but just had to put that in there. I was looking at a house one day and the real estate agent remarked about the kitchen needing some upgrades. When I said “vending machines would be perfect” I thought she was going to faint. I laughed all the way home.


  2. Happy, happy birthday and may there be many many more… wrinkles? I don’t see any… I think in any case a woman should wear her medals with pride… and wrinkles are medals, a testament to what you have put up with, for husband and children, and show a woman of maturity that made it through it all… never hide your experience and wisdom, stand proud with it as that testament… have a wonderful day and year to come till next one…


    1. You don’t see any in the picture because I waved my magic wand and took them out – it was fun but I do wear them naturally with pride …. every day. Thanks for your comments, Ray. Hope all is well with you.


  3. Sorry I missed your birthday. Lemme make it up…


    Hope it was a great one, my friend.

    And by the way, you have very beautiful eyes….


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