The Duchess

Thanks so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes.  I truly enjoyed my birthday and I blew my low-carb eating plan (but not too bad).

My daughter, Michele, and her dog, Duchess, are visiting and I just wanted to share with you what a Korean Jindo looks like.  Her name is Duchess and Michele rescued her eight years ago.  We all love Duchess, including Foxy and Daisy!  But I don’t think Duchess is very fond of our weather right now.  When she got here she looked around our back yard like, “where’s the lawn?”   We don’t have grass in our yard – it takes too much water – but it didn’t take her long to adapt.  Such a sweet dog.

In case you’ve never heard of a Korean Jindo, (like I hadn’t before Duchess), here’s the scoop:

The Korean Jindo Dog is a breed of hunting dog known to have originated on Jindo Island in South Korea. Brought to the US with Korean immigrants, it is celebrated in its native land for its fierce loyalty and brave nature. Wikipedia  –  Namaste’
Temperament: Active, Intelligent, Loyal, Faithful, Brave, Bold
Height: Male: 20–22 inches (50–55 cm), Female: 18–20 inches (45–50 cm)
Colors: Brindle, Black, Grey, White, Red Fawn, Black & Tan

Author: Regina

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