Storm Clouds and Me


I’ve always had my head in the clouds.  Ever since I was a kid growing up in Kansas, I would watch the sky in the summertime and loved to see the big storm clouds roll in.  My Grandpa and I would sit on the front porch swing and name the things we saw in the clouds.  We had such a good time doing that.

Then one summer in 1959 a tornado came through our lovely little town and tore my grandparents’ house all to pieces.  They were so lucky to make it to the basement before the roof was torn off and the rain came in and ruined anything that was left.  The porch swing Grandpa and I would swing on was found two blocks away on top of the Liberty Theater. I remember my grandmother being totally terrorized by that storm.  So now I watch the clouds and when I see dark ones like this, I remember that time.  I’m still grateful that no lives were lost.  I was lucky to have both of my grandparents well into their 80’s.

These clouds gathered around here and looked rather menacing but didn’t  product much rain at all.  At this point though, we’ll take every drop we can get.  Namaste’


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  1. mehmudah says:

    That’s so distressing about the tornado. Glad the clouds are welcome now. Great pic!


  2. zannyro says:

    So glad that your Grandparents came through that tornado without traumatic!!! Let’s hope we all get some rain, minus any drama!


  3. niasunset says:

    Tornado…. I watched on television, should be so fearful… And always makes me worry too. Your photograph is amazing. I hope and wish you all to get some rain… and not to have any damage or tornado. Thanks and Love, nia


  4. wow that must have been terrifying…so glad everybody came out alive… but it changes your view for sure…


  5. Jeremy says:

    Powerful memories! Thanks or sharing 🙂


  6. bulldogsturf says:

    Beautiful capture.. the rain will come .. its just playing hard to find at the moment…


  7. I remember seeing the Tom Terrific tornado images flashing on the screen when I lived in the south. Always terrified me. Thankfully one never touched down close by.


  8. Patti says:

    How do you remember so much, you were just a little kid. Amazing my friend.


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