What is Mother Up to Now?

OK, you guys; I know it’s not just me that’s noticing the changes happening on Mother Earth’s surface.  I’m noticing more vibrancy, more intense colors in all of her finery.  Please tell me I’m NOT going crazy here!  Plants are blooming again that normally only do it once a year.  And others are blooming on our property that have never bloomed before.  What is Mother up to?  Whatever it is, I feel like she’s smiling and saying “Thank you for noticing.”

Today’s photos illustrate my point. The first is a close-up and the second is the whole bush – one that I’ve never seen bloom in white.  Ever!  Have I moved to another planet that just resembles Earth?  Oh, and if you ask me what kind of plant this is, you KNOW I’m not going to tell you because why?  I don’t know!  I just photograph them 🙂  Namaste’


Author: Regina

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12 thoughts on “What is Mother Up to Now?”

  1. Nothing seems as before in these days… But no one explains what’s going on… Oppositely I hear that everything is going as usual… I mean some authorizations explain like that… At least in here.

    You are so nice dear Regina, looking in good way, in positive way… Thank you for this gracious thoughts (I hope I used the exact word here) and beautiful flowers, love, nia


  2. WOW they are beautiful. (I like you never know the names I just photograph). I wish I could say we are having more greenery. Today is the first day of rain in 7 weeks.
    I think it is due to earth changes.


  3. The nuances of the weather and Mother nature will keep us in debate for ever… but if we continue to get photos like these… who worries about the name? the capture is magnificent and the flower is beautiful.. so keep on doing what you must Mother Nature we can continue to enjoy the results… lovely photos…
    Come to think about, it there is actually nothing we can do about the climate change, only Mom Nature can, and she will, like all good mothers she will make a good job of it as well…


  4. I’ve got a few spring ephemerals that have bloomed in my yard again as well. They’re purple. With the extreme heat and lack of moisture you’d think that blooming again would too many resources, but maybe flowers are trying to distribute their seeds one last time due to such harsh circumstances. The difference in color could be due to a difference in soil chemical composition this time around. The lack of pigment could also be a way to conserve resources. With a background in biology, I wish I had better answers. I’ll ask a few botanists I know.


  5. Well, it looks like Jimson weed which would explain your reaction. It’s not… but it made me laugh. Jimson weed grows wild in Southern California….The Native American”s sacred herb. They made tea and had vision quests.

    Weird, I have noticed the same thing going on with Mother Earth. Everything is very vibrant and colorful. Even in our constant drought. Any changes from day to day I notice immediately.

    I get up every morning before sunrise and sit outside and look at the last stars and wait for the planet to awaken. Lately right before the first light of dawn there is a low vibrating hum. Kinda like the sound you hear if you have ever set under a power line. Something is definately going on with Mother Earth. I have no clue what it is but I really like sitting back, front row center watching and hearing it.


  6. Global warming. Birds are showing up where they’ve never been seen before. The ice shelf is melting, causing polar bears to starve to death. Plants are blooming longer, earlier, and more often…….


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