A River Runs Through Us

OK, well maybe it’s not a river but it looked like it was going to get there.  Another day of thunderstorms and some more glorious rain.  WS (Wonderful Spouse) doesn’t like the fact that when it has rained lately, it comes down so hard and so fast that it rearranges the landscape.  I encouraged him to just let it be until the summer storms are over.

When I noticed the new “river” flowing through the property, I also noticed the misty Tortolita mountains in the background.  When there’s bright sun, you can’t see the different levels of them.  Tucson is surrounded by mountains and I love mountains!  Now I just wish I could send some of this wonderful rain to parts of the world where they are needing it so much.  Namaste’


Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

7 thoughts on “A River Runs Through Us”

  1. Wonderful photo.. i see what you mean about the mountains in the distance… this photo has such depth and beauty… needs to be enlarged to its fullest extent.. the water and the obvious cleaning effect of the rain is so see-able… I just love this photo…


    1. Many thanks, Ray. Sometimes being so close to something doesn’t allow us to “see” what is obvious to others. I appreciate your comments, as always. I am so far behind looking at all the blogs I follow.


  2. Hi, Gina, This is a grand first introduction to your work. I’ve only been to the Tucson area once, a little more than 40 years ago, but I remember it well. There was a horseback ride in the desert, but unfortunately no rain. It was just lovely.


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