Jinx and Valerie

There’s an absolutely wonderful lady named Valerie who does some of my print processing.  She really knows how to make my photos look their best and I love her for that.

Valerie is also a fellow dog lover who rescued a deaf Great Dane named Jinx, whom I got to meet today for the first time.  He’s only seven months old and already dwarfs Valerie (as you can see) when she’s sitting down.  She says he’s truly a gentle giant and thinks he’s a lap dog.  Yikes!

Not being able to hear commands, she has taught him hand signals so that he will be safe. I got my share of Jinx doggie kisses and took lots of fun pictures.  Here are just a few.  What a lover dog!  Namaste’


Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

6 thoughts on “Jinx and Valerie”

  1. Love the photos and the story… met up once with a dog handler that had a deaf dog.. it was wonders what he could get that dog to do just with hand signals… I think we sometimes under estimate the intelligence of dogs… man can be deaf and get by.. I think dogs are better equipped to do the same as man… that nose can smell more stories than we will ever be able to.. and those eyes, tops… thanks for the share, things like this make my day…


  2. Love that woman and I love that dog!!!!!!!! Did you know that most white kittens with blue eyes are born deaf? I found out the hard way. She was a wonderful kitten. She felt the vibrations of everything. When you got up, where you were and would come running. She loved to watch TV. She especially liked baseball games and would paw the screen whenever the ball was in motion.

    I gave her to a friend where she would be completely an inside cat. Her name was Beato.


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