The Back of the Wine Bottle

Having a good glass of red wine is supposed to be good for the heart, right?  I found one that I think is good for the heart not only by drinking it, but also by reading the back of the bottle.  But let’s start with the front label … pretty, huh?

Flying Heart Wine

And here’s the back of the bottle.   If you’ve ever had this wine, let me know in the comments below.  Namaste’



  1. I lOVE THAT! Is it a merlot? I hope it was good. I also wonder if the message is the same on all types of their wine. Cheers


    1. It was really good; a tad bit sweeter than Merlot but very tasty indeed. I got it at Sprouts. Don’t know if you have them there but a glass sounds good right now. When we get back to CA, you and I will have to share a bottle of this. Yes???


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