Storm Clouds Brewing


I think our heat wave has subsided – at least for a while.  Yesterday we were under 100 and right now it’s raining in the desert again.  I just love it!  Hubby pulled the car out of the garage to get the “mother nature” car wash.

But this morning before it all started I spotted this view from the back yard.  Storm clouds brewing.  The light was rather strange though … not our typical morning light, even with clouds.  If you look closely at the top of the cloud, you can make out a clown face.  Clowns scare me!!!  Namaste’


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  1. zannyro says:

    Did you get a storm? We have rain again also! STORMS also! Emerald green grass…I think it might be spring 🙂


    1. We did get a storm! BIG rain. No grass; just rocks. Sigh …


      1. zannyro says:

        But at least you got rain 🙂


  2. Patti says:

    With that cloud, I saw a bunny hopping across your Cactus Ranch.


    1. Yep – we have lots of those, mixed in with the tarantulas, scorpions, Gila Monsters, snakes and various other critters. I think I’ll start packing now – LOL


  3. bulldogsturf says:

    I’m interested to hear if it rained or not… I find it is getting stranger as each storm arrives.. the sky colour on occasions frightens me.. it’s almost un natural… uncanny that you mentioned it…


    1. It did rain … big rain! So glad to hear I’m not going crazy when I look at the sky and see it different. You, too, eh? Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Be well and stay blessed.


  4. Kay Rolfe says:

    I would sell my soul for rain. I too am deathly afraid of clowns and midgets. I sort of got over the midget phobia when I worked with a little person. You wanna kill me have a midget clown knock on my front door.


    1. You have my word that I will never send one of “those” to your house. I would like to send you some rain; wish I could! Hang in there; nothing last forever; even crappy weather.


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