Dog Tags

I still have my son’s Army dog tags.  I told him some time ago that I’d send them to him (he lives out of state) but I just haven’t done it.  They hang above my computer desk with the other hall-of-famers … namely my WS, my daughter and grandkids pictures.

The truth must be told … I didn’t want him to enlist in the Army. Let alone join an infantry unit.  Ugh!  But he did anyway, as soon as he turned 18.  When he brought his Army recruiting officer to my place of business to try and “sell” me on this whole thing, there was almost a smack-down!  Yep, that would be me … smacking HIM down.  My son was thoroughly embarrassed, but he had no idea what it was like to be a Mama Bear with someone trying to make off with one of her cubs.  OK, well maybe he wasn’t such a cub anymore.  But I still didn’t think the Army was a very good idea.  I wanted him to go to college first, but he said he would rather serve his country like his grandfather did.  So how was I supposed to argue with that?

His first picture that the Army took of him made me cry.  And then when he came home on his first leave after basic training, I was astonished to see him in his full dress uniform.  So handsome!  Another big lump in my throat.

Fortunately, he was discharged right before the Gulf War back in 1990.  Mama Bear was sure happy the day he arrived home for good.  And she was very proud of him.  There are so many Mama Bears that don’t have a happy ending to their stories. My heart goes out to them and they are always in my prayers.  Namaste’


Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

6 thoughts on “Dog Tags”

  1. WE had conscription and no option… when I left Rhodesia and crossed the Limpopo bridge they went swimming in the river… I threw them away… enough years on the border … hoping not to lose ones life… (many years ago now, wonder if they’re still there?)


  2. I think same as you dear Regina, but this is so meaningful, I mean what he did your son. And you are so nice, my prayers and wishes for all these mothers and their sons… Thank you,Blessing and Happiness to you both, love, nia


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