God’s Bag

Have you ever had to just turn something over to God?  I’ve done it many times in my life.  And today was another one of those times.  I really should do it more often.

WS found this bag the other day while cleaning out some of his files.  Neither of us remember where or when we got it.  I wasn’t going to use it as a blog post but decided I would because maybe some of my readers have had to do this from time to time.  I also have a metal can that has the letters SFGTD on it.  Stands for SOMETHING FOR GOD TO DO.  I’ve put my requests into that can for many years.  And when I do, I always say, “I can’t, You can, so I think I’ll let You.”  There are no accidents.  The bag showed up as a reminder.

What I have to remember most of the time is to NOT snatch it back once I put it in the can.  We humans have a tendency to do that, don’t we?  Well, now I have a bag as well as the can.  Maybe tomorrow’s post will be a picture of the can.  We’ll see.  Namaste’


Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

8 thoughts on “God’s Bag”

  1. What a wonderful way of doing things.. and here I’ve been handing them to him in my head… I can’t always remember what I asked for his help with and some times he’s probably saying I’ve got that one already… writing them down will aid me to remember and putting them in a bag will aid me to check… thank you for the wonderful thoughtful post.. angelic…


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