Mike’s Mail

Today is the second anniversary of my brother’s passing.  It’s a sad day for me.  I miss him.  We didn’t always get along well, but isn’t that the way it is with most siblings?  He’s the only one I had and being older than me, the one I looked up to for lots of things.

So now I just tuck little notes to him occasionally into Mike’s Mail.  It’s a ceramic mail holder that I had made for him many years ago.  Mike loved to play golf so it had to be about golf, of course 🙂  Now it sits on my desk, next to my computer.

I just learned yesterday that one of his granddaughters, a senior in high school, took a few trophies recently for her school’s golf team.  I’m sure that whatever dimension he’s in, Mike is smiling on her.

The bottom photo is a collage I did of him about a year ago.  Mike loved to clown around and as you can see, was having a little fun sticking his head out through the sun roof of his car.  Being that he was a joker, sometimes it was hard to know if he was pulling my leg or not.  Playing Texas Hold ‘Em with him was a real challenge.  He had the perfect poker face, although I did manage to beat him a couple of times 🙂  Namaste’



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  1. Kay Rolfe says:

    Here’s to your brother. Happy trails Mike.

    Until I was five my older brother, my only sibling, my mother and father and I lived on a ranch outside of town. I had no other contact with children except occasional migrant farm worker’s kids.

    My brother wanted to play war all the time. I was a little girl and wanted no part of it. He told me that the children of the world were at war but the grown-ups new nothing about it so we couldn’t tell our parents. I fought the war with him with pop-guns, completely terrified at all times. He was my big brother so of course I believed him.

    When we moved into town I still thought we were at war and was scared for my life of other children.

    He had forgotten about it of course.

    I cherish that memory as I am sure you do your memories of Mike.



    1. Thanks for your comments, dear one. Your brother is still a warrior fighting for rights of others in a courtroom.
      That’s a pretty scary thing for a kid, though.


  2. jmgoyder says:

    What a lovely idea.


  3. zannyro says:

    My thoughts are with you…my older brother is also gone…and I cherish my memories……What a lovely idea to have your “notes”…..you have such a loving heart 🙂


  4. Patti says:

    Love and blessings dear one.


    1. And what would I have done without you being here? Even though it was such a blur, I remember distinctly you taking over the kitchen duties and getting everyone settled, including me. Forever grateful to you, my friend.


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