It’s a Numbers Game

Did you ever notice that numbers are in just about everything?  Calendars, checkbooks, weights and measures, passwords, keyboards, books, rulers, cell phones, e-readers, and of course, calculators, just to name a few.  Do you remember when we had to learn our addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and fractions without the use of a calculator? I remember memorizing and being quizzed on the multiplication tables.  Wow!  The good old days.  Now everyone uses a calculator.  Namaste’



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  1. Patti says:

    Interesting to be reading this as I sit here at SFO Airport waiting for a flight. I just ordered a Sour Dough Bowl of Soup & drink. My total came to $9.18 and I gave the Cashier $10.00.
    Her cash register was not working properly and it took 3 people to figure out my change of .82 cents. Perhaps old school was best.
    Thanks and you are number 1 with me.


    1. First of all, airport food is outrageously expensive but I’m jealous that you got a sourdough bowl 🙂 As for the change counting, I am sure not surprised. You’re #1 with me, too, dear friend.


  2. bulldogsturf says:

    As a Land Surveyor we used slide rules and Natural Logs to do our calcs… and then the “Coffee Grinder” we called it… a funny mechanical calculator… a hand cranked calculator.. How many years back is that now..??? I remember the first electronic calculators… I had to take a loan to pay for it, and all it could do was + – / and * , none of the scientific stuff I needed to do my work…


  3. Gigi says:

    That’s a fun picture. I remember memorizing the “times” table. I never did learn past the tens.

    I’m smiling at Patti’s comment above. Young cashiers don’t have a clue how to make change. (They can’t write or spell either, but that comment is for a different post.)

    When I was a young cashier, we counted change up to the next dollar. Do you remember? I explained that to a cashier once and she looked at me as if I was from Mars. Admittedly, now I use a calculator all the time.

    Thanks for the picture. It was fun to comment.


    1. So true! Can you imagine what would happen if all electronics shut down and people had to actually do things with their brains? What a concept! Thanks for your comments, Gigi. I always enjoy reading them.


  4. Kay Rolfe says:

    I don’t speak math. It has always been my downfall. They let me slide through high school with Ds in basic math.

    When I was 33 I decided to finally learn it. I took a class at a community college in bone head math. The class was full of kids who were taking the class for and easy credit.

    After the first class I walked up to the instructor and told him that obviously I was not his basic student and that I wanted once and for all to grasp the concept of math and if it was alright to speak with him after classes about the parts that I did not understand. He just looked at me and said “Read your book.” and walked away.

    I should have turned him in to the school, but I didn’t. I never went back.


    1. Math is just not in the cards for some people to master. I am one of those, too. Relying on a calculator. Thanks for the conversation today, dear one.


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