In the Garden

While visiting with my folks, I wanted to get them outside for a while so we wandered into the garden at their facility.  The weather has been so good that it’s perfect for getting them outdoors.  While out there, I spotted this garden angel, trying to peek out from the plants.  She’s so pretty but I think she might have to be moved soon as the garden is getting to be taller than she is.

Both of my parents are 89 years old.  Both use a walker and are attached to home oxygen.  They can’t go anywhere without it.  It’s very sad to see folks in this shape but we do the best we can.  They’re both losing their cognitive abilities and so it’s difficult for them to remember what we discussed even five minutes ago.  This is my first experience with this kind of thing and I’m finding it more difficult as time moves on.

During my hospice training, a registered nurse told us that 90% of people in this country will die slowly and 10% will die quickly (heart attack, car accident, stroke, etc.).  I’m opting to be part of the 10%, but not any time soon 🙂

Sorry to be discussing this, but it’s part of life.  Tomorrow will be my last post for approximately a week, give or take a day or two.  Have lots coming up on my plate but I’ll make it up before the end of this year.  Namaste’

Author: Regina

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One thought on “In the Garden”

  1. Love it… the photo that is… I took my Mom shopping yesterday as we have been away for the month… she is the same age as your folks… she uses a cane but is semi blind and needs help finding everything in the shops… we pay for all her accommodation and food they supply, and she uses her pension to buy her smaller needs like chocolate, biscuits sweets and pies… it is like taking a child to the shop, she needs to know all the different things available… she spends hours looking at the price of a hair dryer with her nose against the price tag so she can read it… when I ask if she needs one.. the answer “no just wants to see what they cost now”
    I’m not sure I want to reach that age… I would prefer to go whilst still active and to go quick… but then who knows what He has planned for us…


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