Strange Reflection

There’s a bank downtown that has the oddest angle to the front of the building … it’s at least at 45 degrees as you can see by the car coming into the driveway … and it’s mirrored.  I wonder who has to wash these windows!  Sure glad it’s not me.  I got dizzy just taking this shot.  What do you think?  Namaste.


Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

8 thoughts on “Strange Reflection”

  1. Hi, Regina. You have a lovely blog here. I was drawn to this particular post by the oddity of the situation in the picture, of course, but as soon as I realized what it was I thought about the photo challenge I have been running on one of my sites. The challenge is called “Thursday’s Windows,” and it’s just all about windows. It was originally just a whimsical idea of mine because I love windows personally and think they are such an important part of our lives that they always interest me. But in the 6 weeks this challenge has been running, many people have posted interesting, delightful, and sometimes amazing pictures of the windows in their lives. I’m not indicating that you should take part in the challenge. You may be way too busy. But if you don’t mind, I’m going to post the link to this page from your site on this week’s “Thursday’s Windows” post (on my site) so that others can come over here and see this.


    1. Many thanks, Sandra! I do appreciate it and will try and catch up with you soon. I’ve been away and am playing catch up. I love the challenge about windows. They bring light into our lives and there are so many different kinds. Thanks for checking out my blog. I will be sure to get to yours ASAP. Be well and stay blessed.


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