Only 15 Cents!

Today’s photo is of my bathtub.  I got this bath rug a while back and decided it’s new home should be in the tub; at least until I decide to get in.  It reminds me of the old western movies where the cowboy took a bath in the boarding house and had a rather voluptuous woman pouring in the hot water.  Does anyone besides me remember those movies?



Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

9 thoughts on “Only 15 Cents!”

  1. Yep I remember those movies… the cowboys were my favourites…. I re-watched one of the old James Bond movies the other day… wonderful what weapons could do in those days… fire continuously without running out of ammunition or for that matter getting the least bit hot…. wonderful days…


  2. I love this tub, and I do remember when the sexy woman would
    pour hot water, in the tub over the gentleman, after he had been
    out in the wilernest for many a day. He would act like he had died
    and gone to heaven, as he buffed away on his cigar.


  3. Where did you buy the rug if you don’t mind me asking. My mom has one and she can’t remember where she bought it. Hers is trashed and I would like to find another one for her. Thank


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