Security System

Hubby ordered this sign and it is now posted in the yard for the world to see … that is anyone who decides to trespass.  Hope you’re having a great weekend.  Namaste’



      1. Have a friend that lives in a very secure place and has a sign, just because he likes it…”Beware live snakes on property”… and he wonders why his friends never visit…LOL


  1. They will come in and steal your guns. We have a loaded 45 next to the bed only to be used if there is someone standing over our bed with an ax.


  2. Everyone will sure get scared but for me it is good if that sign has also have an security camera which is now a days a great tool to see everything that you cant see when you are not there.In Finland shops and other business installed their own security camera which lead them to find easily that bad guy who stole and tress pass just like this.


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