Time to Catch Up

Well, hi everyone!  It’s good to be back in the old pueblo even though I had a very good time with my best pals.  I will be posting some of the pics I took while on my travels, starting with this one I took at the Tucson International Airport the day I left.  Tucson doesn’t have a very large airport and the only reason it’s classified as international is that there are a couple of flights a day going to Mexico.  I took so many pictures – at least 250, but I doubt that I’ll post them all.  It’s hard to believe that this year is almost over.  Most likely I will continue with my blog, but kind of doubt if I will do a photo a day.

This is actually a painted, sculpted mural outside the ladies restroom.  I didn’t have time to see if there was one by the men’s.  Next time I go back, I’ll check it out.  Equal time, ya know.  Namaste’



Author: Regina

Passionate about writing, photography, and helping others achieve the success they desire.

9 thoughts on “Time to Catch Up”

  1. Hope you had a “blast” with your girls!!!! If you don’t post a daily photo on your blog, thats OK, as much as we love them. We just need you.

    P.S. I won’t tell you what your wonderful spouse did while you were gone.


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